Literary Gratitude

This has not been the easiest year, but it's Thanksgiving, and on Thanksgiving, we give thanks. Really, we should always carry a heart full of gratitude (or so I hear), but we're human and that's impossible. But surely we can muster up some gratitude once a year.

Gratitude itself is too broad a topic, so here I'll focus on the subject at hand-reading.

Thanks to Audible (get it? I'm already thankful!), I have read quite a few wonderful books this year. And some have done an excellent job of reminding me to be thankful for my life and everyone in it. What Alice Forgot, in particular, rung true for me. The character was highly relatable and served as a timely wakeup call. So thank you, Liane Moriarty! Hopefully you caught me just in time.

What book are you most thankful for this year?

Happy Thanksgiving!