One Year in Berlin: Trying to outrun her family’s history with the Holocaust, Rachael finds herself having to live in Berlin for at least a year. Once there, she is tortured by visions and nightmares as she allows herself to try to connect the dots between her family’s past and her own present. 

Foreign Bride: Bobby was hesitant to settle for a mail-order bride from Russia and Sofiya felt like a welcome compromise. But, young, beautiful and English-speaking, she comes with her own baggage. Can the two overcome their mutual mistrust and damaging insecurities before they destroy each other trying to make their marriage work?

Joe After Maya

Joe is lost. 
A sudden widower, he is alone in the trendy apartment he had earned at a great cost to himself. He has nowhere to look but back. 
His wife Maya violently murdered, the next week of Joe’s life is a dizzying whirl of revelations and cigarette smoke as he reflects on their time together in the effort to uncover who killed her and why. 
On his journey, Joe reluctantly finds and faces himself.


At 28, Helen longs to be effortless. Jamie looks it. Breaking a long-standing engagement, Helen at once knows what she has to do. She follows this enchanting stranger across the Atlantic, hoping to find more than temporary shelter and a distraction from her seemingly crumbling life when she gets there. Inevitably, the road for the two proves to be bumpier than Helen had ever imagined it could be. Along the way, she stumbles across unexpected discoveries about herself, as well as those in her life she's always thought she knew best.


Just as Helen finally begins to let herself believe that she’s reached that elusive effortlessness with Jamie, her former fiancé follows through on his threat and her world is torn apart. Confronted with herself like never before, Helen must, once and for all, decide what it is she expects of herself and desires out of life. This challenge proves almost unattainable as Helen takes most unexpected routes to try to find her happiness.

When Peta goes missing, a two-decade old secret threatens to rip at the seams and come out in the open. Relationships are tested as one dysfunctional family comes together in search of their daughter, sister, and wife. What they find instead will change each one of them forever.