“This is a haunting, sensual work.”


“The book is packed with vivid scenery and culture, along with history.”


“Each story in this beautifully crafted collection of novellas pays testament to the resilience of women, even in the face of the most heart-wrenching and difficult circumstances.”


“In a short span of pages, Ms. Raydun manages to give her characters in both novellas depth and personality that make them come alive for the reader. Her writing shows maturity and elegance…”


“Raydun's collection of short stories employ the use of foreign lands as metaphors for the terra incognita that typically accompanies the journey of marriage. This is a clever way of having united these two stories together, because each of the two are quite different in other ways."


Joe After Maya

“…one of the most interesting books I have read in some time. As the story progresses, the author feeds in one twist after another. Each was unexpected…”


“Sort of like that one movie that you can watch over and over again because of its tremendous substance and beauty.”


“It is a thoughtful book where the dead woman is a fully fleshed out sarcastic mouthy and realistic character who lives on in the mind of her grieving husband, pushing him to see the truth that he has hidden from himself and to use it to break free of the bondage of class expectations and solve her murder.” 


“The sense of exhaustion, dread, and angry anxiety is balanced well with a pitch black sense of humor and a well-observed absurdity in the way media, family, and friends influence you…Twists abound and for the first time ever we get an unreliable narrator who is as flawed as the times we live in.” 



“It's impossible to put down and such a treat to read.”

“The plot is original, the story moves at a nice even pace. I found myself saying "just one more chapter" and I was up way past my bedtime, needing to read more.”


“The writing is perfect...The dialogue is spot on...”




“The cover frames the story perfectly.”



“…a very thoughtful, sincere, and thoroughly-developed work about the complexities of our identities and our relationships.”


“The writing is perfect…everything fits. I am quite pleased that I [found] these books.”


“The common link between all of Marina's novels is the feeling that the main characters are telling stories of the reader's own life.”


“A well written story, (with) an original plot, [filled] with drama, secrets and truths discovered.”